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Podcasts and Interviews

Gangaji Podcasts provide a rich and deep exploration into what it means to stop fixing ourselves and finally discover the lasting fulfillment and peace that is the truth of who we are. It’s easy to think that who we are is made up of our emotions, thoughts and circumstances, but Gangaji challenges those assumptions, leading us on a life-changing inner dive. A Conversation with Gangaji, Epiphany and Being Yourself: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji cover all aspects of life: the search for happiness, what is enlightenment really, how to face our suffering, and ultimately realizing true freedom.


In Freedom Inside Gangaji and Chris Mohr explore the new course Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry, that serves to support the men and women living behind bars. Learn More


Plus Featured Interviews from radio hosts around the globe.

Latest Episode of A Conversation With Gangaji

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Episode 61: Finding Home

October 24, 2018

Latest Episode of Epiphany

All Episodes

The Fierce Fire of Grace

June 13, 2018

Latest Episode of Freedom Inside

All Episodes

Episode #3

August 30, 2017

Latest Episode of Featured Interviews

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Raghu Markus Interview: The Surrender to Trust

August 14, 2018

Latest Episode of Being Yourself: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji

All Episodes

Episode 1: A Crack in the Illusion

November 21, 2018