An Opportunity to Serve Peace 
What if there was a simple, immediate way you could make a real difference in a prisoner’s life? There is...

“In all these pains, sorrows, bad news, grief, hardships, poverty, hurt, weakness, failures, troubles, sicknesses, loss of family members, disappointments, fighting, suffering, racism which I’ve passed through these eight years in incarceration nothing weighed my spirit down or prevented me from moving on. Instead I found energy, strength, inspiration, empowerment, peace, happiness, victories, and finally, blessings. In the midst of death, I found life, even in darkness I found light which always shines my way.” —Emewu, Klong Prem Central Prison, Thailand

“Gangaji’s wisdom brings out the deepest, most heartfelt insights. I can relate, in that though a caged man, it does not limit who I am internally. I choose to be free internally.” —Keith, Soledad Prison, CA

“It's about knowing beyond thinking how if you can reach flow or stillness of mind, one then discovers the true self and by doing so, finds oneness and unconditional love for all beings.”—Verdell, Leblanc Unit, TX
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Shine a light behind prison walls

“If I realize peace, I can share it whether that be by kind word or deed, or just a loving thought directed to another who may be struggling.” —Matthew

I am continually moved and inspired by the depth of surrender and true recognition that pours forth from our community living behind bars. As Gangaji once shared, “Those inside prison have enormous support to offer those outside prison.”

In turn, you can support them in their spiritual inquiry by becoming a monthly donor. Your monthly gift will ensure Gangaji’s Freedom Inside course is delivered to over 720 prisoners (and growing!) every month.

I hope you will take the opportunity to help shine a light inside prison walls. Keep reading to discover the true impact you can have.

—Shanti Einolander, Director GF Prison Program

Matthew and Shanti, April 2023

Paroled earlier this year, Matthew has been a part of the GF Prison Program since August 2005. He was one of the first to sign up for the Freedom Inside course. His letters and reports have naturally found their way into the newsletters and into the hearts of many. It was an absolute delight for Shanti to finally meet him on the outside!

Our Prison Program keeps growing

In the last two and a half years, the program has nearly doubled in size. Every week new requests from prisoners to join the program arrive in the mail. We need your donation to support this expansion. 

Freedom Inside Workbooks

“After I read Gangaji's newsletters, I've started leaving them on the horseshoe in the unit for someone else.” ­—Divesh, FCI Williamsburg, SC


What will your monthly donation really do?
  • Ensure we can respond to the growing number of requests
  • Deliver monthly newsletters to over 720+ prisoners
  • Support outreach to prison chaplains and officials 
  • Provide Ramana, Papaji, and Gangaji’s books free of charge
  • Sustain the correspondence program
“I am very happy and privileged to be able to support Gangaji’s efforts to heal the prison population.” —David, Georgia
A few words from our correspondents...
Scroll down to read a few excerpts from prisoners’ letters and reflections from a few of our 67 volunteer correspondents
Alex & Surati

"To answer one of your questions, ‘what pulled me through when I was in the hole due to having Covid.' That day I still remember because it was special to me. I discovered what happens in your mind, body, and emotions when you place your attention on stillness (beautiful feeling). That moment I felt a sense of great peace. It was like nothing else matters except what I experience. It was a blessed moment when the desire for truth appeared.” —Alex

"As a volunteer correspondent, I’m grateful and humbled by having found a friend living under such challenging circumstances, showing me that Truth and Peace are available anywhere and everywhere. We are supported. We are free. Alex is a gift and true friend. So grateful to Gangaji and the Prison Program!" —Surati

Dale & Linda

"The Self-inquiry Gangaji speaks of is a great plus in my life and a new avenue toward getting to my inner self." —Dale

"Dale and I are proof to those sleeping amidst the bubbles on the froth of life. Our joining via The Gangaji Foundation proclaims in technicolor that there is more." —Linda

Keith & Sallie
“The source I have sought for so long is eternally present. The love I never had which I so yearned for I’ve found in my own heart.” —Keith

"When Keith writes he sounds like he is in an ashram on top of a mountain surrounded by clouds and silence. It blows me away and I am deeply moved and humbled. It has required me to really stop and connect with presence as this requires experience that is straight from my deep heart. I am enriched as the expression of what is unnamable is shared by both of us. The connection of the whole community can be felt. We are in this together. " —Sallie

Tony & Yella

"Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.  You are a true friend." —Tony

"I have grown to love Antonio like a brother and get a thrill every time I receive an email from Sandy with a copy of Tony's next letter.  The privilege of participating in someone's personal growth and seeing their heart open to their family and to me, a total stranger until just months ago, is seriously humbling and stimulates great joy.  I'm left with a heart full of gratitude." —Yella, 

Andrew & Dan

"I keep you in my mind and heart and I accept you and Gangaji as true teachers. I am very grateful to have met you in this life." —Andrew

"I first thought I was communicating with a prisoner to help them with opening up to the Truth in themselves.  I was quickly cured of that arrogance and I realized that I was fortunate enough to have volunteered to share in satsang with another who happens to be in prison." —Dan

When I first went into a Colorado prison with a group of volunteers in 1994, I was moved and astonished at the depth of attention from the guys we met. They had been studying meditation together and they were hungry for the direct experience of the unconditional peace (freedom, love, God) that is always present. They were in the midst of the failure of their past lives and the opportunity of a fresh start, even in the grim situation of incarceration.

Those initial prison meetings in Colorado proved that those inside prison have enormous support to offer those on the outside. There was an explosion of self-recognition, love all around and much laughter. Even some tears. When I returned to Boulder and continued meeting with people on the outside I was able to report on this freedom inside prison—freedom regardless of circumstances.

"True support doesn’t recognize any walls of separation. The walls of separation were revealed to be illusion. May you recognize within yourself true freedom and in that be a beacon for all."

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