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With Gangaji is an intimate and potent online environment for self-discovery. Coming together with Gangaji and the global community offers a well-spring of shared support for ending unnecessary suffering and living our lives heartfully and authentically.

As a With Gangaji member…

  • Attend live meetings every month where you can speak directly to Gangaji
  • Connect with others daily in the global forum that spans 45 countries
  • Watch replays of the most recent meetings
  • Attend the monthly community video screenings and discussion groups


Have full access to the content inside the With Gangaji Media Library including...
  • Curated thematic collections 
  • Hundreds of staff selected videos from the archives and the most recent retreats
  • All of Gangaji podcasts episodes, blogs, and articles
  • Self-guided courses including the recently added “Falling Into Yourself” 
  • Advanced search tools to find material that speaks to your questions
  • Keep track of “favorites” 

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for $29.00/month
What members are saying....
Our last Sunday meeting, I was moved to tears. When you spoke of what comes and goes and that who one is is Life itself, I knew that to be true in a depth of direct experience that answered the deepest pains in my heart. —Trent
I just re-watched the last meeting we had together. Gratefully I was present for it… And it touched every part of my life and beyond. Rewatching it was so helpful for me. —Eleneh
In our meeting Sunday Gangaji increased my feeling that I was coming home to Reality, to my Self, to something so fresh and alive that my ego couldn't "handle" it. —John
Option 2

With Gangaji - Live Meetings Only

Join only the monthly live meetings and access to the Gangaji Forum.

Scholarship spaces are available for this program. Learn more

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for $19.00/month
Option 3

With Gangaji - Media Library Only

Access the With Gangaji Media Library that hosts thematic collections, self-guided courses, all podcasts, all blogs, and more. A rich resource for your spiritual inquiry.

Yes, I would like to become a member of With Gangaji Media Library

for $15.00/month
“I am here for you. We are here for each other. We are all in this together.”