Send a message of peace​. The world is listening​.​

Individually and collectively, we can end our unnecessary suffering and awaken to who we truly are. Then, as Gangaji once said, we can be “one spot on Mother Earth that is at peace, is free.” When Gangaji, the staff, donors, and volunteers work in concert, we have a powerful voice that reverberates around the world. Join us in sending out a life-changing message of peace to our human family. Look at and interact with the maps below to see what is possible!

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Your Gift Creates an Oasis of Support 

Gangaji’s website offers a sacred space for those who want to regularly connect with Gangaji in online meetings and retreats, share insights and realizations, and access a rich library of videos, blogs, and podcasts. Your monthly or one-time contribution will help “keep the porch light on” for all those who want to come home to themselves.

Visitors from 173 countries accessed this online oasis just in the last year.
  • "Dearest Gangaji, I so enjoyed being with you this weekend.  There is the sense of being a spiritual finder rather than a seeker.  A deep breath falling and then opening into the fullness of being." —Rebecca, Portland, OR

  • Facing the World - You Don't Have To Fix Yourself To Know True Happiness

    “I discovered a Gangaji video at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid 19…what has occurred since then I cannot yet express other than to say I am so deeply thankful to Gangaji and the foundation for all of the support that is out there to point to the truth of myself.” — Will D, Brighton, UK

  • "Your books have been one of my only companions and an absolute lifesaver on this mountain." —Robin, Himalayas, India

  • “I see Gangaji as someone who promotes peace and understanding in the world, one person at a time. This year has been like no other. Contributing to her mission was something I could do to promote more peace and harmony in this divided world.” —Pedro, Colorado

  • “The best moment of my life happened here in jail.” —Russ, Prisoner, Texas

  • "Gangaji's invitation to just open to what I had been running away from for decades seemed revolutionary." —Hillary, Portland, OR

  • I love Gangaji's Sunday meetings - they are so very special and the quality of questions and replies yesterday seemed  particularly potent. Thank you from across the waters to Gangaji and the team behind all the super efficient meetings, web sites, forums... —Joanna, Wales

Discovering Freedom Inside

With your contribution we can keep responding to the hundreds of letters we receive each year from men and women living in prison. Every month we send out the Freedom Inside course newsletters and workbooks, provide free books on request, and manage the peer-to-peer correspondence program for volunteers and prisoners.

"This day will never be forgotten, the day I have woken up to who I am. It is through you, Gangaji, the gift of your books." —JB, Prisoner, Upstate NY

Freedom Inside Workbooks

Currently, over 630 prisoners are enrolled in Gangaji’s course by mail for prisoners, Freedom Inside: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji.

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Your Own Heart is Deeply Listening

Gangaji’s podcast, Being Yourself, has listeners in 190 countries in 2022. It is an extraordinary way to send a message of peace far and wide and to offer our support to each other. Your donation helps to open up the recording archives to the world.

“I just wanted to say thank you! A fresh, new, alive thank you. I continue to be nourished by the podcast.” —Grinnell

Since launching in November 2017, Being Yourself has been downloaded by listeners 627,091 times.

Join our Donor Collaborative

A space created by donors for donors to connect and engage with each other.
Meets via Zoom on the second Saturday of each month at 9 AM PDT
To be added to the list email Hillary Larson or Kat Miller

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The Need for Scholarships

For those on limited incomes or facing staggering medical costs, scholarships are an immediate way we can have an impact heart-to-heart. Not having the financial means to attend a retreat doesn't diminish the desire to realize the truth of who one is. Your donation helps make scholarships possible for every meeting and retreat with Gangaji.

I have received the good news of my scholarship for one year. I am very grateful for this gift from the donors. I am grateful to your team for selecting my application. I am grateful to Gangaji for pointing all of us Home. In deep gratitude.—Dorothy, Kenya

Our scholarship committee awarded 116 scholarships in the past year to participants in 11 countries, for online and in-person retreats, and monthly subscriptions

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  • Provide scholarships for those in need
  • Put the Freedom Inside course into prisoners’ hands every month
  • Ensure prisoners receive every letter from their volunteer correspondent
  • Continue to develop new web-based online courses and features
  • Provide new free videos, blogs, and monthly podcasts to a worldwide audience
  • Preserve our archives for future generations

Our 2022 donation goal is $269,400. If we reach this goal by year end, we will fully fund the programs of the Gangaji Foundation.

Donations Needed for 2022 ($269,400 Goal)
Raised: $245,691.69
Remaining: $23,708.31
Donations Needed for 2022 ($269,400 Goal)

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Barbara Denempont
Executive Director

The Door is Open

The community of volunteers and donors is a beautiful mandala whose essential purpose is to share this invitation of peace with the world—to rest in the truth…even in the face of the whole tsumani of human conditioning. Our work together contributes to compassion, to sanity, and to inclusiveness. It grounds our very human lives in love rather than fear.

Why does it matter? Well, let me answer that question with another question—has it mattered in your life? If yes, then you immediately know why it matters to someone you may never meet, or someone living on the other side of the globe. We all were once new to Gangaji’s essential message—you are already home. Words that blessedly stopped us in our tracks. Sending out that simple, yet profound message can be our legacy.

Specifically, your donation will help sustain our Freedom Inside program serving over 630 US prisoners, provide scholarships, and fund podcasts and media outreach that reach many thousands each month. Your donation will also help build a richer, more accessible online platform where someone who has never heard Gangaji’s name can more easily find the life-changing content that most truly resonates in their being. To see more about what we are up to, watch our community slide show

We have the opportunity to bring ourselves, our resources, and our capacities to serve the realization of lasting freedom and peace. Just as Papaji opened his front door to Gangaji and welcomed her in, we can come together to extend his welcome home to the world.

I invite you to bring your gifts, your support, yourself to this possibility!

With love and gratitude,

Barbara Denempont

Executive Director


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