“Now is the time for us all to welcome all of life into our hearts and to recognize the inherent, accepting love and peace that we each can be responsible for now, on this planet, our Mother Earth.”

“Resting in truth. Standing in truth. Stepping up to the incredible opportunity to be fully who we are. Who knows how much time we have left, but there's time enough to rest and stand up in truth.” —Ann-Marie, Ontario

“Resting in truth. Standing in truth. Stepping up to the incredible opportunity to be fully who we are. Who knows how much time we have left, but there's time enough to rest and stand up in truth.” —Ann-Marie, Ontario

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For the Love of Peace

In every meeting and with every word Gangaji shares an essential invitation— you can rest in the truth, even in the face of the whole tsunami of human conditioning.

Each of us can play a role in sending this message of peace to the world—a message that ends unnecessary suffering and contributes to compassion, sanity, and inclusiveness. 

When you become a donor, you are actually giving to someone just like you. They may live on the other side of the globe, or in a prison, or maybe in a nearby town. Just like you, they want to discover the peace and fulfillment that is always present.

Without knowing the result of our efforts, we can be the answer to our own prayer for peace. I invite you to bring your gifts, your support, yourself to this possibility! 

—Barbara Denempont, Executive Director

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  • "Dearest Gangaji, I so enjoyed being with you this weekend.  There is the sense of being a spiritual finder rather than a seeker.  A deep breath falling and then opening into the fullness of being." —Rebecca, Portland, OR

  • Facing the World - You Don't Have To Fix Yourself To Know True Happiness

    “I discovered a Gangaji video at the beginning of the outbreak of Covid 19…what has occurred since then I cannot yet express other than to say I am so deeply thankful to Gangaji and the foundation for all of the support that is out there to point to the truth of myself.” — Will D, Brighton, UK

  • "Your books have been one of my only companions and an absolute lifesaver on this mountain." —Robin, Himalayas, India

  • “I see Gangaji as someone who promotes peace and understanding in the world, one person at a time. This year has been like no other. Contributing to her mission was something I could do to promote more peace and harmony in this divided world.” —Pedro, Colorado

  • “The best moment of my life happened here in jail.” —Russ, Prisoner, Texas

  • "Gangaji's invitation to just open to what I had been running away from for decades seemed revolutionary." —Hillary, Portland, OR

  • I love Gangaji's Sunday meetings - they are so very special and the quality of questions and replies yesterday seemed  particularly potent. Thank you from across the waters to Gangaji and the team behind all the super efficient meetings, web sites, forums... —Joanna, Wales

For the Love of Peace
Support men and women living in prison

“I want to say thank you for this wonderful newsletter. It gives me so much to contemplate each month. The gorgeous hi-res pictures also help a lot. They promote pensive states and tranquility...I appreciate all that you do for the community.” —Homer, Boyd Unit, TX

Freedom Inside Workbooks

Almost 750 prisoners are enrolled in Gangaji’s course by mail for prisoners, Freedom Inside: Self-Inquiry with Gangaji. We respond to hundreds of prisoners’ requests each year. Your monthly or one-time gift ensures we can always respond. Take a closer look at how you can shine a light behind prison walls and what prisoners are saying.

Send a message of peace worldwide via podcast
Rollover or tap the map to see who is listening to this invitation to peace.

“I just listened. Gangaji really walked us through from postponement to equanimity, full presence, silence. So simple. I always love the peace that abides at the end of these podcasts. The silence is so rich it is catching.” —Judith, Santa Barbara, CA

With your contribution we can keep responding to the hundreds of letters we receive each year from men and women living in prison. Every month we send out the Freedom Inside course newsletters and workbooks, provide free books on request, and manage the peer-to-peer correspondence program for volunteers and prisoners.

Gangaji’s podcast, Being Yourself, has listeners in 190 countries in 2022. It is an extraordinary way to send a message of peace far and wide and to offer our support to each other. Your donation helps to open up the recording archives to the world.

Give the life-changing gift of scholarship

Scholarships are an immediate way you can have an impact heart-to-heart. Your donation makes scholarships available for every online or in-person meeting and retreat with Gangaji.

“The retreat has forever changed me. I got to meet this love that is always here.” —Vanessa, San Jose, CA

“A great big, warm THANK YOU to the Foundation for allowing me to participate in the live online meetings this past year. The support was invaluable both from Gangaji and all the folks with whom she had exchanges. —Longwillow, Occidental, CA

Connect the world to an oasis of peace

Gangaji’s website,, is a rich offering that connects us with Gangaji and each other as we deepen in our spiritual inquiry.

“This Gangaji community and this amazing forum with all of you dear wondrous beings – with light pouring out of you even in your dark and doubtful moments – I am just in awe and am so thankful...all connected by electric filaments via the Gangaji website that enables us this deep kinship – to be true friends to one another – simply incredible.” —Chris, Australia
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Donor Collaborative
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Hillary Larson and Kat Miller are hosting a monthly donor collaborative, a space created by donors for donors to connect and engage with each other. Meets via Zoom on the second Saturday of each month at 9 AM Pacific Time.

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I feel so close to this Gangaji community. I know others would want to belong or be able to attend a retreat and can’t afford it. I donated to the scholarship fund so that others may feel the support of this amazing community.” —Susan, USA
I truly believe that this prison program is one of the things that sustains my correspondent and makes his time inside bearable, meaningful, and even (miraculously) joyful. I can't say enough about what a valuable gift your donations support, for so many incarcerated people.” Joanna, USA
There are so many projects aiming to alleviate “material” suffering. What Gangaji offers is on a totally different scale. It is the fundamental key to healing suffering in this world. And that is why I can support it with all my heart. As a beneficiary, a donor and a particle of it all.” —Ruth, France
I trust that Gangaji and the foundation play a key role in this moment in time in which we are all being urgently called to wake up and realize the deeper truth of who we are. I want to support that somehow.” —Diana, Germany
There is a crucial role played by the Foundation and its volunteers in disseminatingGangaji'smessage of peace. I was happy to make my small contribution.” —Anjali, Australia
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