Gangaji Community

Love of peace brings us together. Serving peace is our opportunity... together.

Our Shared Purpose

Side-by-side with Gangaji, we serve the recognition of the inherent peace and freedom alive in core of all being. We joyfully welcome your  participation and support in our commitment.  

Combining the inspiration and talents of our staff and volunteers with the those generously funding our program offerings, we send out a message of peace that reaches around the world and past prison walls. 

"It is a great wish of mine to contribute to peace in the world. Supporting the work of Gangaji is a wonderful opportunity to do so." —Gertrud, Switzerland

Who we are and what we do...

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“I have to tell you that this is probably the most helpful and insightful course I’ve come across in the 36 years I’ve been brings to light the many stories of pain that I’ve avoided most of my life only to find that they cannot hold up under the light of self-inquiry.”–Fred, Graceville Correctional, FL

"What a wonder to have a vehicle like the GF Prison Program to send Gangaji's message to our sangha behind bars." Shanti Einolander, Prison Program Mgr.

Freedom Inside

Since 1994, the Prison Program has offered the opportunity for those both on the "inside" and the "outside" to deepen in self-inquiry. Currently, more than 625 prisoners from 250 US prisons participate in Freedom Inside, a course by mail.

Books upon reqest
Correspondence Program

“Thank you for such a beautiful letter, and for being my correspondence partner for postal satsang. — K

Letters from Inside

Over 60 correspondence volunteers and prisoners are paired up to share their insights and discoveries by letter.

"It is a privilege and a gift to be of service." Sandy Munoz, Correspondence Mgr.

“I am deeply touched by the letters I receive. No separation. Only Love and respect for life.” Linda, Volunteer Correspondent

In-Person Events

The thirty year tradition of volunteers hosting and producing Gangaji's in-person weekends and residential retreats continues in 2023. It takes many hands!

Ashland Regional Event Host

From the Forum

Thank you from across the waters to Gangaji and the team behind all the super efficient meetings, web sites, forums.” Joanna, Wales

Our Online Oasis is an online oasis to support our spiritual inquiry individually and collectively.

Online Meetings & Retreats
Community Video Screenings
Video Library
Gangaji & Community Blogs

Donors provide scholarships for every in-person and online event. Their commitment touches lives around the world.


“I can’t believe how much of a gift this is. I have tears in my eyes for the generosity.” AJ, Cardiff, Wales

"In these times of uncertainty, to be a scholarship donor is to me an indescribable joy, as I am directly contributing to this discovery of Peace in our world." Barbara, Dunsmuir, CA

"Thank you Gangaji and everyone at the foundation for making this happen. This is beyond good luck. " Mesfin, Ethiopia

Global Outreach

Social Media
Gangaji's Youtube Channel

“I just wanted to say thank you! A fresh, new, alive thank you. I continue to be nourished by the podcast.” —Grinnell

A Message Sent from the Himalayas

Sometimes the only bright part of the day has been reading your books or listening to your podcasts which I have on my phone. And I wanted to write and tell you that they have been absolutely life saving, often in the darkest of times.—Robin

Melissa, Digitizing the Archives
Bob, AV Assistant
Hi-8 Tapes from the 90s
Joanna, Transcriptions
AV Set Up for 3 Camera Shoot
Gangaji, Barb & Christiane
Mail to Gangaji
Prison Program Mail Ready To Go Out
Ashland Office

Behind the Scenes


Tom Hoffman
AV & Archive Manager

Zubin Mathai
Web Architect & Development

Harriet Watson
Communications & Design

Cat Rowland
Financial Mgr., Systems & Customer Support

Nuts & Bolts

Website & Systems

Our robust digital platform offers a way to meet Gangaji online and delivers her message of peace far and wide. 175+ countries and counting.

Content Curation

Our current focus is to make the rich array of recordings more accessible through content curation to seekers today and well into the future.

“We wanted to create a collaborative space where fellow donors can meet each other, share gratitude, connect more directly with the Gangaji Foundation, be imaginative with our giving, and inquire what it means to serve peace on the planet in these times.”

Hillary Larson

Kat Miller

Donor Collaborative

Created by donors for donors, this is a space where donors large and small, old and new can connect and engage with each other.

Mark Northcross
Leanne Drumheller
Lorraine Wilson
Barbara Denempont
Suman Pregerson
Suman & Gangaji early 90s

Board of Directors

“In 1990, I found myself in the room at Gangaji’s very first meeting. Since that lucky day, I have witnessed the unfolding of this invitation to freedom through the Gangaji Foundation. We stand on the shoulders of volunteers and donors who have come before (many still here!), and we contribute our spirit and passion as we move forward.” —Suman

The Door is Open

In my eyes, this community is a beautiful mandala, a true circle of support for self-realization. We all bring ourselves, our resources, and our capacities to serve the discovery of peace—the peace alive in the heart of all being. Just as Papaji opened his front door to Gangaji and welcomed her in, we come together now to extend his welcome home to the world.

I invite you to bring your gifts and support to this possibility.

Barbara Denempont, Exec. Director

How to plug in...


We'd love to welcome you as a volunteer. From helping out a local events, to transcribing archive videos, from digitizing the old Hi-8 tapes, to corresponding with a prisoner, there are many ways you can serve.

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Help Fund Our Programs

We welcome the financial support of donors to keep this beacon of freedom burning brightly. With every one-time or monthly contribution made, you can ensure that every prisoner’s request is responded to, scholarships will be awarded, podcasts will be produced, the website is up and running, and so much more that is truly meaningful to those seeking lasting peace.


Living from the Ground of Being

Gangaji Community Blog

Teaching Stories that Inspire

Take a moment to read personal stories of recognition and realization from the global community. Sharing our experiences and realizations with each other supports us all in living everyday from the ground of being.
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