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What is the Donor Collaborative?
from Hillary and Kat

The Donor Collaborative is a virtual space for those who'd like to come a bit closer to the Gangaji Foundation. It was started during the pandemic by long time donors Kat Miller and Hillary Larson, as a place for donors to connect, inquire, and collaborate, all in the name of supporting Gangaji's presence in the world. It has grown from strength to strength. If you are curious about joining click on the link below and we will reach out to you with the link. 

We meet via Zoom on the second Saturday of each month at 9 AM PT

Next Meeting:
Saturday, June 8th 9:00 AM
In Your Local Time:
You will be able to join the after your first donation.
If you are a donor, please login to sign up for the Donor Collaborative or to edit your membership.

“This is your resting place, your watering hole. Find what supports you, what includes you, and drink it in. Be nourished. Be enlivened. And when you feel thirsty again, drink some more.” —Gangaji

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In Your Own Words
How Can you support this global community?

You might be surprised by how many prisoners, global website visitors, podcast listeners, and more have participated in this community. Learn more

From a Prison program volunteer

"I have found writing these letters to a prisoner to be a most intimate and deepening act of love towards myself, as well as a way of appreciating and acknowledging our shared human beingness."

Want to Volunteer as a Prisoner Correspondent?

would you like to volunteer?

"I can't imaging a better way to serve. It is such a privilege. I feel that I am standing behind Gangaji, putting my resources into her use of her words."  Get Started