Prison Program
“I have met with men who are doing life in Folsom Prison, and watched them weep in the fulfillment of their own heart.” - Gangaji

Established in 1994, the Gangaji Foundation Prison Program offers programs that support men and women living behind bars in furthering their spiritual inquiry. Regardless of anyone's personal circumstance, it is possible to discover the peace and freedom that is alive within all of us.

Discovering freedom inside is the first step in ending the internal wars that can drive our minds, emotions, and unnecessary personal suffering. When we know who we are at the core, we can take real responsibility for our own happiness and our own choices.

Gangaji in Folsom Prison circa 1994
Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry

Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry is a course by mail designed especially for prisoners. Participants in the program receive the Freedom Inside workbooks and an on-going monthly newsletter. Each newsletter includes with new articles from Gangaji, worksheets for inquiry, and shares reports and letters of fellow prisoners. Learn More

The Correspondence Program

The Correspondence Program pairs prisoners with volunteers to share their realizations and discoveries through letter writing. Writing letters is a powerful medium and offers everyone a profound opportunity to be in community, to share insights, and to deepen in their spiritual inquiry. Interested in becoming a volunteer correspondent? Start here

Books, Audios & Videos Available on Request

The Gangaji Foundation provides books, videos, and audios to prisoners and prison libraries free-of-charge. If you know someone in prison who would like to receive a book, audio, or video, please ask them to write to us directly at Gangaji Foundation Prison Program, PO Box 716, Ashland, OR 97520. If you are a chaplain or resource manager, we also welcome your requests for your prison library.

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Videos, articles, and podcasts that tell the story of the Prison Program.

Letters from the Inside

We invite you to read a sample of the letters and worksheets we receive from prisoners. Click on the icons below to enlarge each letter. To join the correspondence program Start Here
My Mind Doesn't Have To Be In Prison
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I Give My Love To All
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Community of Cages
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Sparks Fly
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I Want Peace of Mind
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Called to a Deeper Life
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I Love the Essence of this Program
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Christmas Eve 2021
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Your contribution puts Gangaji’s books and course in the hands of the men and women living behind bars.
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