Freedom Inside
A Course in Self-Inquiry with Gangaji

"Through these studies I have been able to find an inner peace that I can rely on when I need to stop and reflect. It allows me to put the experience of the moment into a positive perspective." —Albert, FL

The Freedom Inside Course Helps Prisoners To:

  • Stop the momentum of their current life story of victimization and blame.
  • Uncover and face the fears that underlie repetitive negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of self-hatred.
  • Learn to be with strong emotions without acting out or repressing them.
  • Develop a deep strength of mind and operate from the heart.
  • Discover inner peace and experience love as their true nature.
  • Start taking responsibility for the integrity of their lives.

The Freedom Inside program currently supports 630+ prisoners across the United States and has grown by word of mouth. We are raising funds to scale the current program so we can extend this offering to many, many more prisoners. We also intend to expand our offering to include an in-person prison program and a post-release program. This will require an investment in staff, and the development of training programs and additional materials. Take a look below at a sample of workbooks that are sent to prisoners free of charge.

If you are a prison official or know somebody in prison who might be interested in this course, please write directly to us c/o Gangaji Foundation Prison Program, PO Box 716, Ashland, OR 97520.

The Workbooks

"Gangaji Foundation friends, I am ever grateful for you and yours! The "Diamond in Your Pocket" has had a wonderful and profound impact on my life from beginning to end, and every chapter in between!" —David, CA

"I have to tell you that this is probably the most helpful and insightful course I’ve come across in the 36 years I’ve been down. I’m finding the material to be a healing balm of sorts since it brings to light the many stories of pain that I’ve avoided most of my life only to find that they cannot hold up under the light of self-inquiry.” —Frederick, FL

I am very excited to be a new addition to the Freedom Inside course. So many things I thought were supposed to be problems are now grateful experiences.—Andrew, CA

The course helps many in prison to appreciate their own innate divinity. The course complements other religious practices and does not create any unduly complicated burdens or rituals. It is well suited to incarcerated practitioners of various educational and spiritual levels.—Rob, IL

[I have realized] that if you do a self-inventory and personal evaluation of our life and defects you can learn more about how you are and why you do what you do. And be able to make choices to change yourself. —John, AL

Support the Prison Program

Those of you who are inspired by this unique program can support expanding the Freedom Inside Program through donations to help us reach our three-year $600,000 goal enabling us to reach many, many more prisoners, with greater impact. The ripple of effect of this work far exceeds the individuals who receive it, we do this for the sake of all of us, to live in a world where we all discover peace and love is never absent, never lost, always present and available to everyone.

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