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Put Your Burden Down
Recorded Nov 22, 2006
In this short clip Gangaji invites us to rest the burden of the thinking mind and come home to who we are, before any thought.
What Will Your Spiritual Practice Give You?
Recorded Oct 7, 2023
Gangaji speaks about the role spiritual practice plays in our lives and invites us to discover what we are practicing when we “get off our cushion and the chanting stops.” What do our spiritual practices give us? What do we hope they will give us? What can they never give us?
The Truth of Who You Are
Recorded Oct 11, 1997
The profound potential of this meeting is the recognition of the force that is life. That is the recognition that we are in each other's lives to confirm, the most purposeful meeting of a lifetime.
The Innocence That Was Never Lost
Recorded Jul 22, 2000
At some point in our lives, we will experience a loss of innocence. Whether that disillusionment is with ourselves, our family, or with life itself, there is a choice that arises in the midst of loss. Will we fall into cynicism and self-betrayal? Or will we meet the pain of that loss directly and in that, discover the innocence that was never lost.
Dare to Give Up Your Self-Denial
Recorded Jul 26, 1995
“You are free to discover yourself as Truth. You are free to rest in that Truth. You are free to be happy, regardless of your body, your thoughts, emotions, or circumstances.”

Gangaji begins with a clear exposition on how it is absolutely possible to discover yourself as Truth, no matter your past history. Then in the lively exchange that follows, she speaks to how we deny the truth of ourselves and instead, cling to an identify rooted in our thoughts, emotions, and relative circumstances. Do you dare give up your self-denial?
Most Extraordinary, Most Ordinary
Recorded Jan 27, 1994
A rare monologue from Satsang on the Ganga at Varanasi. Gangaji speaks of where peace always is, not limited to the cave or mountain top, but in the market place too.
Commitment to Oneself: What is Beyond All Relationship
Recorded Nov 12, 1993
Gangaji examines the topic of marriage and commitment: what is marriage, what is commitment, and what is beyond all relationship. And she speaks candidly of her own marriage.
Celebrating 30 Years
Recorded Oct 4, 2023
Take a few minutes to watch our 30th Anniversary Video celebrating love in action, that begins with a moving look back at Gangaji's first meeting with Papaji in 1990.
Inseparable from the Totality of the Universe
Recorded Nov 4, 2011
An excerpt from Gangaji's Sydney Public Meeting, November 4, 2011
How Can Your Life Be Truly Lived?
Recorded Aug 18, 2022
Whatever we are hoping for, avoiding, or fearing that is the possibility to stop the narrative and open to what it is that the narrative is either trying to keep you away from, or indulging.
The Nectar of Eternal Being
Recorded Mar 26, 1999
There is a great secret that beings throughout time have announced, the secret of the extraordinary treasure, the treasure of the nectar of eternal life. Human beings, in all cultures, have attempted to create maps and signposts to find that treasure. And yet the treasure remains just out of reach. You can smell it, you can sense it, but you just can’t quite find it... Eventually the great day comes when you set all maps aside.

"You are always looking ahead or you are always looking behind to see where you have come. But what goes overlooked is where you are."
To Practice or not to Practice
Recorded Oct 6, 2023
A spiritual practice can be beautiful, and as Gangaji says, it is like good hygiene. But do you need it to realize yourself?
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