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Through Death is Life
Recorded Oct 2, 2022
After facing death in near drowning at the age of 11, life is never the same.
The Right Use of the Mind
Recorded May 31, 2017
“First, there arises in our minds and in our hearts a deep desire to know the truth. Then, of course, we do what we know to do; we try to figure that out. Finally you reach a precipice where you have the intelligence and the honesty and the self-respect to tell the truth: ‘Oh I can’t get to it through my mind.’ That’s the right use of the mind. Then the truth gets you, as it’s always had you."
The Mind in Service to Love
Recorded Jan 27, 2000
What is the purpose of the mind in the art of living? In this conversation the true place of the mind in living a free and conscious life is revealed.
Chasing Desires, Overlooking Fulfillment
Recorded Nov 10, 2000
Human beings have a profound desire to realize a lasting peace. The question is where are we looking, and what desire are we actually chasing? In this very relatable exchange, we see how reoccurring desires to avoid pain, end confusion, or gain clarity are simply the play of the mind. True and lasting peace remains undisturbed by any phenomena, and we can discover that in our willingness to simply meet what is arising.
The Maturity to Face Death
Recorded Jul 23, 2022
Rare footage from one of Gangaji's Online Small Group Retreats. Gangaji speaks of the maturity that is asked for in spiritual inquiry, the maturity to face the death of all forms; whether it is the death of your idea of who you are, or the raw experience of that. While our conditioning is designed to keep us alive, and that is extraordinary, we can be aware of the preciousness of  life without sheltering ourselves from the recognition that it is "a brief candle that burns."
Sex, Money, & Position: the Mechanics of Distraction
Recorded Mar 31, 1995
When there is a realization of the inexpressible truth of your being, often the question arises: how do I stay true to that? The mistake is to imagine that the human survival strategies will not arise. What is the line between staying true in the midst of our human conditioning, or being distracted from our own awakening? The key is vigilance, which is not separate from willingness.
The Invitation of the Open Door
Recorded Feb 6, 2000
It's often our mental prisons that prevent us from living a free and authentic life. We believe we don't deserve to be free. But in every prison there is always a door.
What Does Fear Mean When You Don't Call It Fear
Recorded Oct 19, 1997
Directly meeting fear of any emotion, really letting your attention drop all the way in, reveals a surprise. When you really meet fear, fear is not fear.
Stop Postponing Your Fulfillment
Recorded Feb 26, 2023
Are you postponing about the deepest desire of your life? Where is your attention? What are you postponing about the deepest desire of your life? What do you want? Where are looking for it? If you stop looking for it any place, in any body, in any situation, in any state, in any feeling, what do you find?
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