How do I stop my suffering?

In this powerful exchange, Gangaji offers a simple inquiry that bursts through and interrupts a pattern of suffering, bringing a moment of clear and joyful expansion.

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Am I Enough

When you reach a point of deep disillusionment that nothing about you will ever be enough, you can stop and inquire. What is enough, and where will you look for it?

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Stop Trusting Your Thoughts
What is the one thing you know for certain you can trust? If you give up trusting your thoughts, even for second, who are you?
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What Do You Truly Want?

What is your deepest longing? How has the longing for freedom shown up in your life? Gangaji's message is to stop searching, right where you are, and turn your attention to what is alive in your own heart.

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“Happiness is alive inside you. Peace is alive inside you. If you stop looking, and turn your attention inside, you will discover that the substance of yourself is happiness.”