Living from the Ground of Being
Sharing our Stories of Realization and Recognition
Mark Groves Interviews Gangaji
Mark Groves calls himself a "human connection specialist." He is the founder of Create The Love, and host of the Mark Groves Podcast. In the midst of huge personal crisis Mark stumbled across Gangaji's Podcast. This lead him on a deep inner journey which landed him in retreat with Gangaji in Hawaii just before the pandemic unfolded.     Read More
When Both the Client and the Therapist Wake Up
When people would ask Papaji about therapy, he would say that the point of therapy is for both the client and the therapist to wake up. Meet Anasuya and her one-time client and fast friend, Alexandra. Their journey is the proof of what is possible when unstoppable love and a deep commitment to truth lead the way. Read More
An Accompaniment to Your Own Song
Musician and composer Scott Reich incorporates Gangaji's spoken word into a his new composition entitled "This Space of Stillness." “I write music to create a place of refuge - for myself, and for all who are drawn to a place of deeper peace.”   Read More
Your Support is Everything
If your life has been touched by Gangaji’s invitation, join her in sending a message of peace that reverberates in the hearts of others as it has in yours. Your gift today sustains and grows this platform for peace that reaches around the world.
More Community Blog Posts
Inquiries on the Inside
from Prisoners Enrolled in Freedon Inside
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The Other Awakening
by Hillary Larson
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Letter of Gratitude from the Himalayas
by Robin Chaurasiya
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How Real Is Fear?
by Jeff Maurer
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Meeting Self in Other through Freedom Inside
by Diana
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Jeffrey's Letter
by Barbara Denempont
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You Are My Other Me: Awakening in the Midst of White Supremacy
by Dr. Michelle Maher
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It Doesn’t Have to Work Out...An Interview with Kat Miller
Interview by Harriet Watson
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Orchids, Cookies, Tomatoes, and Love
by Jim McD
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Invitation to The Papaji Library
by Michele Sondheimer
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The Gift of Meeting Gangaji
by Rachel Linnett
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The Almeda Fire: A Personal Account
by Harriet Watson
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Knocking on an Open Door
by Simon Spire
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What I Can't Unsee
by Joanna Moody
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Snapshots of Racism in a Lifestream
by Zubin Mathai
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Love Works
by Barbara Shepard
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“This is your resting place, your watering hole. Find what supports you, what includes you, and drink it in. Be nourished. Be enlivened. And when you feel thirsty again, drink some more.” —Gangaji

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From the mundane to the catastrophic, problems are part of living a human life. So where is peace? What if true fulfillment is realized when we actually stop trying to transcend what Gangaji calls “trouble?”

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