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Gangaji Radio

Founded in October 2012, Gangaji Radio is now home to two podcasts.  In A Conversation with Gangaji Gangaji and producer Hillary Larson focus on topics that arise in our daily lives. Where do our beliefs about spirituality and the realities of our lives come together?


With the help of our donors, in November 2016 Epiphany was added to Gangaji Radio. The inspiration behind this new podcast is powerful and simple. Our own "aha moments" are contagious and have the potential to ignite epiphanies in others, including those that we will never meet. "Epiphany is about support for your own awakening. In listening to these stories you recognize that this is ordinary awakening that is happening with ordinary people, who are in themselves extraordinary." ~Gangaji


Comin soon, we will be adding a third podcast to Gangaji Radio: Freedom Inside, with Gangaji and Chris Mohr. Stay tuned for more.

Latest Episode of A Conversation With Gangaji

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Episode #53: The Space Between Thought - An Exploration into Silence

April 19, 2017

Latest Episode of Epiphany

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Brothers: A Journey into the Heart of Love and Hate

February 15, 2017