Living from the Ground of Being
Regardless of my parole date, I am free
by Shaid

Gangaji, my friend,

I was sitting on my rack enjoying the much-anticipated cooler temperatures when a thought hit me with delight. I am three months away from what could be my last year in prison. As thoughts off-tines do, one blossoms into another, I found myself reflecting on the person prior to my incarceration when compared to the man I am today. A man worth knowing, a father worthy of being called dad. Life has its own obstacles to deal with, statistically add to that my 12 years of every drag imaginable, then times that by all the horrors six years of imprisonment in America has to offer, at best I should be a mindless zombie, shriveled up in my addictions, unaware of my surroundings, unaware of anything resembling life. I know this because my dorm is bursting with men in such shape.

I am mentally, physically, and spiritually better now than ever before in my life. How did I pull this miracle off? I didn’t, you did…You Shanti, Chris, and a few others (House of Healing, Alden Brindle, and Henry David Thoreau) with love and purpose in your hearts in tune with intent in answering creation’s created purpose within your lives.

"Success is when you get what you want, happiness is when you want what you get! Thank you for all that you do.

Kenny Dale's testimony in your study guide seemed at first glance a statement of insanity. Now to me, it is a mantra of what anyone's life can be if one truly seeks the truth. Pain, hate, and anger were my fuel for so long, it was all I knew. Consumed in my emotions, blaming everything for my downfalls, praying to god I no longer believed in, yet blaming him (back then IT was a he to me) far not salvaging me…

Gangaji, I now walk in my freedom every day. I even wonder what life will be like in the realm of the so-called free world, freedom combined with inner peace, my heart bursts at the thought of it!

I am now working on pages 11 and 12 of my third book "Funky Munky Falls in Love with the Moon.” I exercise daily and my meditation, awareness, and living in the moment are as they should be. Life is good. Regardless of my parole date, I am free. Happy with my life, content with my accomplishments, and excited and joyful to see what tomorrow may bring! Thank you dear one for awakening me.

Love Peace + Energy to you


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