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A Few Words from Our Corresponders
from Volunteers and Prisoners

Diana Button, is the correspondence manager. She onboards and trains new volunteers, pairs them with a waiting prisoner and handles all the letters to and from prisoners and volunteers, making sure each letter reaches the right hands.

The correspondence program has been in operation for 30 years. Right now there are 60 corresponders and prisoners paired up to share their insights and discoveries by letter. Scroll down to read some of their words as they go back and forth. If you are interested in volunteering start here.

Alex & Surati

"To answer one of your questions, ‘what pulled me through when I was in the hole due to having Covid.' That day I still remember because it was special to me. I discovered what happens in your mind, body, and emotions when you place your attention on stillness (beautiful feeling). That moment I felt a sense of great peace. It was like nothing else matters except what I experience. It was a blessed moment when the desire for truth appeared.” —Alex

"As a volunteer correspondent, I’m grateful and humbled by having found a friend living under such challenging circumstances, showing me that Truth and Peace are available anywhere and everywhere. We are supported. We are free. Alex is a gift and true friend. So grateful to Gangaji and the Prison Program!" —Surati

Dale & Linda

"The Self-inquiry Gangaji speaks of is a great plus in my life and a new avenue toward getting to my inner self." —Dale

"Dale and I are proof to those sleeping amidst the bubbles on the froth of life. Our joining via The Gangaji Foundation proclaims in technicolor that there is more." —Linda

Keith & Sallie
“The source I have sought for so long is eternally present. The love I never had which I so yearned for I’ve found in my own heart.” —Keith

"When Keith writes he sounds like he is in an ashram on top of a mountain surrounded by clouds and silence. It blows me away and I am deeply moved and humbled. It has required me to really stop and connect with presence as this requires experience that is straight from my deep heart. I am enriched as the expression of what is unnamable is shared by both of us. The connection of the whole community can be felt. We are in this together. " —Sallie

Tony & Yella

"Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.  You are a true friend." —Tony

"I have grown to love Antonio like a brother and get a thrill every time I receive an email from Sandy with a copy of Tony's next letter.  The privilege of participating in someone's personal growth and seeing their heart open to their family and to me, a total stranger until just months ago, is seriously humbling and stimulates great joy.  I'm left with a heart full of gratitude." —Yella, 

Andrew & Dan

"I keep you in my mind and heart and I accept you and Gangaji as true teachers. I am very grateful to have met you in this life." —Andrew

"I first thought I was communicating with a prisoner to help them with opening up to the Truth in themselves.  I was quickly cured of that arrogance and I realized that I was fortunate enough to have volunteered to share in satsang with another who happens to be in prison." —Dan

“This is your resting place, your watering hole. Find what supports you, what includes you, and drink it in. Be nourished. Be enlivened. And when you feel thirsty again, drink some more.” —Gangaji

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"I have found writing these letters to a prisoner to be a most intimate and deepening act of love towards myself, as well as a way of appreciating and acknowledging our shared human beingness."

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