This is an invitation to shift your allegiance from the activities of your mind to the eternal presence of your being.


Featured | How do I stop my suffering?

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NEW | The Yoga of Naturally Being Yourself
“It’s a lie that any thing gives you fulfilling, true, deep joy. Joy is your...


NEW | The Pearl Within Your Emotions: Part II - Self-Inquiry: A Way of Living
"Inquiry is not an abstract spiritual practice. It is living your life fully, consciously....

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One Day Retreat with Gangaji & Eli
September 30 , 2023
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Discover Your True Radiance

No one can prevent the experience of pain in this life, but we can consciously end patterns of unnecessary suffering and discover our true radiance. Gangaji invites spiritual seekers from all walks of life to call off the search and discover the depth of true peace and freedom that is already here, alive within us all.

I am here to support you in discovering the open door that is your own heart.”

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A Global Community Comes Together

Join Gangaji and a global community that gathers in self-inquiry each month. Live online meetings and member forum.

Why We Gather in Self-Inquiry

In the willingness to inquire directly into our thoughts and feelings, there is the possibility to realize what remains untouched by fear, pain, or past history. This discovery of who one truly is at the core—peace and fulfillment itself—is our birthright, transforming our daily lives and reverberating around the world.

Together in Retreat

Take a deep dive into self-inquiry in the company of others on retreat. Check out Gangaji's calendar of in-person events.

Community Video Screening

Watch specially selected video clips together and connect with others around the glove in discussion groups.

Extensive Video Library

Hundreds of curated clips and recordings of Gangaji's meetings going back 30 years.

With Gangaji

Gangaji’s online program, With Gangaji, serves a global community dedicated to living from the ground of love, not fear. Our commitment is to support each other in an ever-deepening realization of what is already whole and complete.

Next Meeting: Sunday, October 22nd 11:00 AM PDT
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The Deep Dive of Retreat

Gathering in retreat with Gangaji offers a space of simplicity and rest, away from life’s usual distractions. You have the opportunity to directly inquire into what you truly want and who you truly are.

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Being Peace, Serving Peace Together

There is a great wave of support for the whole human race to actually shift our perspective of fear, violence, and hatred to one of openness, compassion, love, and inclusion. It begins with each one of us.”

Who we are and what we do....

With generosity, creativity, skillfulness, and willingness, this global community creates and sustains a broad platform of offerings—all amplifying a message of peace and fulfillment that reaches around the world and even past prison walls. We welcome your support and participation. 

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Community Video Screening

You Are Invited to join us for a monthly community video screening hosted by Gangaji staff members. Watch videos together and meet others in breakout groups after the screening.
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Next Community Screening
Sunday, October, 1st 11:00 AM PDT
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Theme: Letting Go of Control

Living from the Ground of Being

Gangaji Community Blog

Teaching Stories that Inspire

Take a moment to read personal stories of recognition and realization from the global community. As our human family faces enormous challenges on health, social, environmental, and political fronts, sharing our experiences and realizations with each other supports us all in living everyday from the ground of being.
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Before I met Papaji I had a story of suffering. After Papaji, I have a life. I am life.”

How it all began...