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Just Like You

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One of the messages that kept me listening to Gangaji was when she said "the heart heals entirely" and that the true self was "untouched" by the person's experience. For me, this was a primary draw to Gangaji's teachings. I was interested in healing, so the backdoor of "untouched" was something that...
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Michelle Maher
Eugene, OR
If my younger self met me as I am now, on a spiritual path, with a spiritual teacher, I reckon she would raise her eyebrows & would doubt that I was of sound mind. I’m pretty sure she would laugh at the thought of it all. I was a very different person back then. I […]
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Rachel Linnet
Westport, CT
September 8, 2020, is a date that will long be remembered in this valley. It is the day when thousands of people in the small towns of Talent and Phoenix, OR lost everything. Small businesses just getting back on their feet, favorite family restaurants, trailer parks, residential neighborhoods, gas...
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Harriet Watson
Talent, OR

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