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Give to Gangaji's Program that Serves Prisoners

This is an opportunity for you to directly support the men and women in our community who are living behind bars. Put Gangaji’s Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry into the hands of prisoners as they face the harsh realities of living behind bars in these turbulent times.

Last week, an anonymous donor stepped forward with a matching gift of up to $25,000 for the Prison Program. Donate by September 7, 2020 and your gift will have twice the impact.

Your $20 donation will become $40, $100 becomes $200, and $500 becomes $1000. And every dollar will help make Freedom Inside available to someone who is serving time possibly while in lockdown or even solitary confinement.

“Choosing to donate to the Freedom Inside Program is my way of wishing that all people have true support in our darkest moments.” —Matching Donor

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Why Give to Freedom Inside?

Right now, you can do something that will have an immediate impact in a prisoner’s life and in the world. While we cannot prevent the experience of pain in this life, we can prevent the experience of unnecessary suffering. Freedom Inside WorkbooksWe can step up and claim peace and freedom for all. We can stand in our commitment to love and our vision for peace.

I came into jail broken and at the end of my rope. I did not know how to move forward or if I even wanted to. You showed me how to STOP. By finally stopping, I saw the tenderness inside of me that I was always either running from or trying to protect.—CP, Wasco State Prison

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How We All Benefit from Freedom Inside



helping men and women behind bars to find peace within themselves regardless of their past, present, or future circumstances.




Prisoners are people who, like many of us, have had experiences of trauma and emotional and physical abuse.

For most prisoners, self-hatred and low self-esteem are at the root of why they are now behind bars.

No one is born with self-hatred, it is taught and learned through experience.

“l knew that l was not going to be allowed to stay free on the

outside until I was free inside.”     – KW

“l knew that l was not going to be allowed to stay free on the outside until l was free inside.”  – KW

“l knew that l was not going to be allowed to stay free on the outside until l was free inside.”
– KW



the benefits of the freedom inside program

  • Stops the momentum of a prisoner’s current life story of victimization and blame and develops a deep strength of mind
  • Uncovers the fears that underlie repetitive negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings of self-hatred
  • Supports prisoners in facing strong emotions without acting out or repressing them
  • Builds on their ability to take responsibility for the integrity of their lives
“l’m choosing to stop suffering here and now. l’m willing to end that emotional roller coaster of pain, tormented suffering… l am much more aware of my choices even while l’m presently incarcerated”           – TS



what is the essential offering?

Like all of us, prisoners have had all kinds of experiences that continue to influence how they see

themselves and respond to the world around them.

Unlike us, they are behind bars, continuing to be traumatized, possibly continuing to traumatize others.

It is possible to end the unnecessary suffering that is generated through our fixation on our past history and our imagined future.

“l had to find a power that would not only get me through my current sentence,
but would free me from prison forever.” – KJ
“l had to find a power that would not only get me through my current sentence, but would free me from prison forever.” – KJ
“l had to find a power that would not only get me through my current sentence, but would free me from prison forever.” – KJ



Through guided self-inquiry prisoners can interrupt the cycle of self hatred and unnecessary suffering.

We cannot prevent the experience of pain in this life, but we can prevent the experience of unnecessary suffering.

Human caused events begin as reactions to anger and fear, or deep grief and despair. Self-inquiry is an investigation into the weight of hatred and fear.

We investigate the narratives that we repeat to ourselves over and over that create our mental prisons. We look at the emotions that give stories life and discover how our emotions often nest one into another.



“l have to tell you that this is probably the most helpful and insightful course l’ve come across in the 36 years l’ve been down. l’m finding the material to be a healing balm of sorts since it brings to light the many stories of pain that l’ve avoided most of my life only to find that they cannot hold up under the Light of self-inquiry.“     – Fred



what is included in the freedom inside program?

FREEDOM INSIDE: A COURSE IN SELF-INQUIRY is designed specifically for prisoners to address the trauma at the root of their current situation.

VOLUNTEER CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAM pairs prisoners with volunteers for letter writing about their ongoing self-inquiry and discoveries.

MONTHLY CURRICULUM is mailed each month and includes topical articles, letters and reports from other prisoners, and inquiry worksheets.

POST-RELEASE SCHOLARSHIPS offers former prisoners scholarships for online retreats, live online monthly meetings with Gangaji and subscriptions to the video library.



finally, it’s all about love.

Unravelling a story of unnecessary suffering frees a person to live from love instead of living from fear and hatred.

The positive viral effect of planting seeds of self-love can have an extraordinary impact on our society as each prisoner’s entire experience shifts to love and peace. And that love has a ripple effect.

The ripple effect of this work far exceeds the individuals who receive it. We do this for the sake of all of us, so that we may live in a world where we all discover that peace and love are never absent, never lost, always present and available to everyone.

“lf you are willing to accept yourself, you love yourself,  if you are willing to truly know yourself, you see  yourself everywhere. What you love you attend to, you  don’t abuse. When you love with clarity of attention you  are free to take responsibility for yourself on this  planet.”

– Gangaji

Meet the Team

shanti in lithia part - addiction article

Shanti Einolander

Shanti edits, designs, and sends out each month’s newsletter.

John Midgley

John responds to all prisoner requests and administrates the correspondence program.

Patty Klauer & Kenny Johnson

Patty connects with prison chaplains, resource managers, and librarians. Kenny is the founder of This Sacred Space.

Kat Miller

Kat supports correspondence volunteers and fundraises for the program.

Christiane Gude

Christiane donated her photography and designed both FI workbooks.

Barbara & Gangaji

"It is a joy to lead a team that has such dedication to this community."
Freedom Inside Team

Ashland Mailing Team

Our beloved Ashland Mailing Team is on hiatus during COVID, but plays a key role in production of each newsletter.

In Their Own Words



“I have been with men in Folsom Prison who are doing life and I have watched them weep in the fulfillment of their own heart” – Gangaji

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