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A Course in Self-Inquiry

Give to Gangaji's Program that Serves Prisoners

This is an opportunity for you to directly support the men and women in our community who are living behind bars. Put Gangaji’s Freedom Inside: A Course in Self-Inquiry into the hands of prisoners as they face the harsh realities of living behind bars in these turbulent times.

Last week, an anonymous donor stepped forward with a matching gift of up to $25,000 for the Prison Program. Donate by September 7, 2020 and your gift will have twice the impact.

Your $20 donation will become $40, $100 becomes $200, and $500 becomes $1000. And every dollar will help make Freedom Inside available to someone who is serving time possibly while in lockdown or even solitary confinement.

“Choosing to donate to the Freedom Inside Program is my way of wishing that all people have true support in our darkest moments.” —Matching Donor

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Why Give to Freedom Inside?

Right now, you can do something that will have an immediate impact in a prisoner’s life and in the world. While we cannot prevent the experience of pain in this life, we can prevent the experience of unnecessary suffering. Freedom Inside WorkbooksWe can step up and claim peace and freedom for all. We can stand in our commitment to love and our vision for peace.

I came into jail broken and at the end of my rope. I did not know how to move forward or if I even wanted to. You showed me how to STOP. By finally stopping, I saw the tenderness inside of me that I was always either running from or trying to protect.—CP, Wasco State Prison

My Donation

What Your Gift Will Do

  • Provide the monthly Freedom Inside course to all prisoners who request it free of charge, which includes workbooks, monthly teachings, and inquiries.
  • Ensure the letters between 70+ volunteers and prisoners in the correspondence program are delivered to support their deepening spiritual inquiry.
  • Make Gangaji, Papaji, and Ramana’s books, audios, and videos available to prisoners and prison libraries free of charge.
  • Award scholarships to ex-prisoners for Gangaji’s online programs following their release.
  • Support our outreach to prison officials.

How We All Benefit from Freedom Inside

Meet the Team

In Their Own Words

“I have been with men in Folsom Prison who are doing life and I have watched them weep in the fulfillment of their own heart” – Gangaji

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