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April 27 | One Day Retreat with Gangaji & Eli
For the first time in many years, Gangaji and Eli will lead this one day event together in Ashland.  Come join us for two meetings, along with a brief inquiry session. Hosted by the Leela Foundation
April 27, 2023 PDT
Online Event
Tuition $125
May 21-26 | Fallen Leaf Lake Silent Retreat
Silent retreat with Gangaji is a rare opportunity to rest deeply in the discovery of your own being and receive the natural support of this tranquil setting.
May 21-26, 2023 PDT
Accommodation + Tuition from $1535
October 5-8 | Ashland 4-Day Retreat
Gather with Gangaji for a retreat in Gangaji's home town of Ashland, OR. During this 4-day retreat with Gangaji, you can bring your full attention to what you truly want in this lifetime.
October 5-8, 2023 PDT
Tuition: $375

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Public Meetings
A great way to meet Gangaji for the first time.
Hear Gangaji's most essential teaching that she received from her teacher, Papaji.
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Intimate gatherings limited to 40 people.
Each person has an opportunity to meet Gangaji face to face. Prerequisites apply.
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