Just Like You
Invitation to The Papaji Library
by Michele Sondheimer

Dearest Ones,

With a joyful open heart, I write to invite all who are called to experience Papaji and his teachings, to visit The Avadhuta Foundation website which houses the archival library of Papaji’s satsangs.

In 1993 Papaji gave his blessing for the creation of The Avadhuta Foundation to hold the copyright of his recordings, books, and photos. To this day The Avadhuta Foundation remains stewards of this mission. The treasure trove of audio and video recordings from Papaji’s meetings is available free of charge for anyone to stream and watch or listen to. The e-pub books are available to download for a nominal fee too. New content is continually being uploaded so check back often!

Rarely a meeting goes by where Gangaji does not make mention of her profound good fortune in meeting her teacher Papaji, and the gift of freedom she discovered when following his directive to stop and be still. It is with reverence and gratitude that at his bequest she has devoted her life to teaching and sharing his message of freedom available here and now. Papaji’s vastness can be felt in his words, heard in his laughter, and met in his gaze. In that light, we invite you to visit The Avadhuta Foundation website, dive in, and meet Papaji yourself.


Meeting Papaji

In the early summer of 1994 one year after meeting my beloved Gangaji, my heart was inexplicably pierced open and from that moment forward I have been at her feet. In 1996, I traveled to Lucknow, to meet her teacher Papaji. I was propelled to go and meet this huge force she spoke of so glowingly and devotedly in form, and honestly to thank him for sending Gangaji to the West.

As I sat on the floor in my first live Satsang with Papaji, prior to his physically entering the room, I was flooded with this profound knowing that Love Is Who I Am. My whole being and mind were swimming in love, with no thoughts. I was complete and full. Over the years I have attended many Papaji celebrations, watched his videos at our local gatherings, and felt his presence as the deepening and surrender into this vastness unfolds in this lifestream. Mysterious as life is, at this time I find myself sitting on the board of the Avadhuta Foundation in support of their mission to help keep Papaji’s teachings through his archives available to all who are divinely guided to meet him.

with love

Michele Sondheimer, Boulder, CO

The Avadhuta Foundation

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