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Stop Resisting the Longing
Recorded Oct 10, 1999
A conversation about the unfathomable longing for freedom, and the tendency to resist that as if it was something bad.
How Do I Stop My Suffering?
Recorded Apr 21, 2011
In this powerful exchange, Gangaji offers a simple inquiry that bursts through and interrupts a pattern of suffering, bringing a moment of clear and joyful expansion.
Ending Doubt
"What is the experience I need to cut through all self-doubt?" Gangaji's answer to this common question is immediate and hits home.
We Are Not Here to Escape the Trouble - Clip
Recorded May 2, 2004
When we choose to walk on a spiritual path, our first aspiration may be to transcend our problems or at least transcend the world’s problems. From the mundane to the catastrophic, problems are part of living a human life. So where is peace? What if true fulfillment is realized when we actually stop trying to transcend what Gangaji calls “trouble?”

“We are here to retreat from the trouble, so that actually when the trouble returns, we have a bigger capacity, a stronger foundation to meet whatever appears.”
Sometimes Laughter is the Best Medicine
Recorded Sep 24, 2002
“You can die laughing, but its a good way to go.”

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