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Suffering and Addiction
Gangaji demonstrates that the discovery of inherent peace lies in the conscious investigation of the impulse to avoid pain and grasp for pleasure. In the willingness to unravel the stories of victimization, to illuminate the habits of denial, and to expose the practice of desire, the bondage to suffering and addiction can be broken.
Taking Responsibility for Yourself
Recorded Jul 7, 2019
"I am a great believer in the necessity of living a moral life, but I am not a believer in the burden of that. I am not a missionary. I am not here to convert you. Whatever your moral life is, you still have the capacity to stop, be still, call off the search. Then live freely. This is not a teaching"
The Practice of Desire
There is so much suffering caused by the practice of desire. If you practice desire, you's as simple as that. Even the desire for happiness can turn your mind away from true freedom, into investigation. To want anything to last for ever is to overlook what is always here.
Trusting Yourself, Trusting LIfe
From a retreat with Gangaji at Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael, CA. Gangaji asks us to inquire, what does it mean to trust yourself, what do you hope you will get if you do trust yourself? If trusting yourself is the surrender of your mind into the ground of your being, then it is actually realizing the truth of yourself.
What is not in Relationship?
A woman explores with Gangaji the trials of being a parent of teens.
Who is Gangaji?

Gangaji's answer to the questions, Who is Gangaji? and What is Gangaji's message? As she says, the answer is actually impossible to phrase in Language.

Satsang Is Not Therapy
Recorded Jun 2, 2012
It goes without saying that great value can be found in therapy and other forms of self-inspection. There is huge relief in facing our dark side, healing our deeper wounds and finally feeling emotions we have been running from. But is there a way that we can work on ourselves and still miss the deeper freedom that we are actually in search of? Where does therapy end and and self-realization begin?
You Have a Chance to Be at Peace
Recorded Apr 16, 1999
What is your responsibility to peace? Is peace in the world ever separate from peace within your own mind? When you stop waiting for them, whoever they may be, to get it together so that you can live in peace, and shift your attention to your own mind, then you have a chance to be at peace. Gangaji offers each and everyone one of us the support to live from love and peace rather than fear and hatred.
Wholeness and Fragmentation
Recorded Nov 8, 2019
Naturally, we don't like feeling the pain of separation or fragmentation. Naturally, we want to fix that. But before you fix it, just take a moment to realize that your capacity to experience fragmentation is not separate from wholeness.
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