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Papaji's Emptiness Cannot Be Broken
This compilation has been put together on the occasion of Papaji’s 111th birthday, October 13th, 2021. The video starts with a discourse (Om Shanti) from the 18th of September 1992, titled: ‘The desires are dancing’. ​The compilation continues with some rare and intimate footage from Haridwar in 1990. This was around the time that Gangaji first met Papaji in Hardiwar, and in very similar circumstances.
Let Peace Be Found. Let Happiness Be Found. Let Love Be Found.
Recorded Sep 12, 2021
Where are you looking for peace, or happiness of love. Is where you are looking subject to change? If it is, you have the opportunity to discover deeper than that what is always here and who your truly are.
What is Enlightenment?

When we are willing to stop and experience the clear light of our own consciousness, free from concepts of enlightenment, we discover what is always here. We can directly experience the truth.

Gangaji's Essential Invitation
When I am asked what I teach by someone who doesn't know me or know my teaching, doesn't know the words that are used in this particular sub-culture, the most direct answer I can give is that I simply teach that happiness is alive inside you, peace is alive inside you.
Don't Go To The Darkside
Recorded Oct 17, 2018
At a meeting Palo Alto in October 2018 Gangaji was asked about relationship to the world, and how to not suffer amid the horror and degradation of our planet and our political systems. Dare we be radiant as the darkness seems to be on the increase in our world, without adding to it with our suffering about it?
Living an Uncommon Ordinary Life
Recorded Nov 25, 2005
The accumulations of higher status, material objects or better spiritual identities are common ways we use our life force. But these temporary accumulation don't bring us lasting peace and fulfillment. In the wake of realizing the truth of who you are, here is a question you can ask: what does my life stand for? The uncommon possibility is to let your life be used by awakening, to live an uncommon, ordinary life.
Make Yourself a Target
Gangaji quotes Papaji's injunction to make yourself a target of love, of grace, of true freedom. From her 2018 retreat at Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael, Gangaji invites us to surrender our belief that we are somehow not whole, not OK, and that somehow we should suffer because of that, and to be still, exposed, here.
One Instant of Truly Stopping
The desire for true freedom which appears in your lifetime can only be realized if you don't do anything for it's realization. We are given lots of things to do because we don't believe that. Gangaji describes her own experience of attempting many practices that did not serve to take away the underlying longing for freedom. When she met Papaji he told her to stop...All that is required is one instant of truly stopping.
On Self-hatred
Recorded Sep 22, 2010
Through self-hatred to true love. The heart can bear it all.
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