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Willingness to Open
Recorded Feb 27, 2022
The inherent duality in our thinking minds is designed to keep us safe, to keep us alive But when there is a desire to truly be free, to truly know, then there is a transcendence of survival.
May There Be Peace
Recorded Mar 27, 2022
Gangaji opens this recent online public meeting with a prayer for peace. She speaks of her own realization of peace and freedom, and invites us to stop all movement away from the inherent peace and stillness that is here. You can find the audio download of the full meeting in our online bookstore, or watch it in Gangaji's video library.
How Can Your Life Be a Beacon of Peace?
Recorded Mar 13, 2022

Many have taken a spiritual path to escape the pain of human suffering that flows from war and injustice. But the truth is, we are never separate from it all. Where can we discover the strength and the capacity to bear that pain? How can our lives be beacons of true peace?

The Yearning for Connection
Recorded Jan 2, 2022
Gangaji is asked about the longing to be in relationship, and what is at the core of that yearning.

The Fire of the Living Prayer
Recorded Jul 22, 2001
Gangaji speaks about the prayers she had as a child, and the true prayer, or desire for living freedom.

The Search for Home
Recorded Apr 30, 2017
We spend so many thousands of hours of our lives searching for home, so many avenues we go down so many dead ends we go down, so many insights that we acquire along the way, so many false beliefs, so many beliefs that really support us in, in deeper enquiry, until finally we reach a moment where we stop everything, and that’s the moment I invite you to.

The Desire for a Deeper Life
Recorded Jan 16, 2022
Gangaji began the new year in 2022 by examining the mysterious desire for a deeper, truer life. Papaji called it the desire to end all desires. It is the desire to directly know what is always here, uncatchable by our thoughts, but undeniably here. This desire that is calling you is the way home to yourself.

Inseparable from the Totality of the Universe
Recorded Nov 4, 2011
An excerpt from Gangaji's Sydney Public Meeting, November 4, 2011
No Ground To Stand On
Recorded Nov 14, 2021
An excerpt from Gangaji's Online Meeting on November 14, 2021, this monologue expresses Gangaji's deep gratitude for her meeting with Papaji. "Papaji offered me the gift of this lifetime. He left me no ground to stand on, and that is what I offer you."
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