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If This Were Your Last Moment, What Is Here?
Recorded Oct 30, 2010
Recorded 10.30.2010 AM1 Dominican, San Rafael
The Desire for a Deeper Life
Recorded Jan 16, 2022
Gangaji began the new year in 2022 by examining the mysterious desire for a deeper, truer life. Papaji called it the desire to end all desires. It is the desire to directly know what is always here, uncatchable by our thoughts, but undeniably here. This desire that is calling you is the way home to yourself.

The Yearning for Connection
Recorded Jan 2, 2022
Gangaji is asked about the longing to be in relationship, and what is at the core of that yearning.

The Seriousness of Your Intent
Recorded Feb 20, 1999
Gangaji speaks of the grace that bring each of us here, and the responsibility, or seriousness of intent that follows from that.
The End of Not Good Enough
Recorded Aug 17, 2019
Repeatedly telling the story of “not good enough” is a familiar habit to most of us, an aspect of our human conditioning. But what does it have to do with who you truly are? In this exchange, Gangaji, simply and directly shares how to bring an end to the story and “step into freedom.”
What Do You Defend?
Recorded Dec 3, 2005
This clip is from a dyad exercise in which Gangaji asks us to examine what we defend, and how.
How We Protect Ourselves and Turn Pain into Suffering
Recorded Apr 25, 1999
Gangaji has a young woman instruct her on how to withdraw and defend herself in order to avoid experiences the hurt of rejection.
The Longing for Freedom
Recorded Apr 24, 1999
In certain lifelines, certain lifetimes, there is an extraordinary desire that appears. Not the ordinary desires of the organism but an extraordinary desire. That is the desire to be free, the desire to know the Truth.
Being is Belonging
Recordings starting Sep 4, 2022

“To play the role of yourself, which is the transcendent role, the role of freedom, you have to trust something unknowable.”

The themes of belonging, freedom from identification, and trusting our direct experience come together in this playlist. This powerful interplay of themes opens the mind to the heart and invites an inquiry: What does it mean to be free? Where do you belong?

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