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Intimacy with Yourself
Recorded Oct 21, 2018
True self-intimacy is the discovery of the immeasurable silence of your own heart. In this intimate exchange from October 2018, a poem and a beautiful confirmation from Gangaji express that deep self-affirmation that we so long for.
I Don't Want That to Change!
Recorded Feb 11, 2007
What don't we want to change, what are we not willing to lose? What are we hiding from? Gangaji examines how our superstitious minds are afraid to expose our deepest fears about what we might lose if we really tell the truth. Recorded February 11, 2007, in San Rafael, CA.

Join Gangaji January 17, 2021 for a conversation about our relationship to change. Learn more
Letting Go of Control
Recorded Sep 29, 2007
Recorded in September 2007 at the Omega institute, this conversation dives into the emotions we encounter and the mental constructs we run into when we start to really let go of control. With humor and delight, Gangaji guides the conversation under all judgments or attempts to control thought patterns or circumstances, into a free fall into the unknown. On Sunday, February 21 Gangaji will lead a live online meeting on the subject of Control vs. Responsibility. Learn More
The Power of Illusion
Recorded Oct 3, 1999
What do you think is happening? What story are you telling yourself about yourself? We develop “illusions” using powers of mind: memory, projection, dissociation, interpretation. In the extreme, we create outlandish conspiracy theories. In our daily lives, we often use the power of mind to create needless suffering. This month, we examine these patterns and Gangaji helps us unearth the jewel in being disillusioned.

“It is very useful to recognize illusions. It is also crucial to recognize that regardless of illusion, you are present. You are the power behind illusion and the power behind truth.”
Back to Ordinariness
Recorded May 24, 2022
From Gangaji's 2022 Silent Retreat at Fallen Leaf Lake. Gangaji speaks of the hope that spirituality would get her something, and the fear that if she did as her teacher asked, and stopped all activity to get anything, she would slide right back down the mountain of achievement she had spent years trying to climb.
It Has Always Been Here
Recorded May 23, 2022
From Gangaji's 2022 Silent Retreat at Fallen Leaf Lake. This discovery of what has always been here has no boundary. It has never left. It has never not been who you are, whatever circumstances you throw at it. "It" is always here.
What Is Your Real Question?
Recorded Jan 10, 2009
From a retreat held in 2009, Gangaji takes us through an exercise in asking, What is my question? and What is the answer?
Let Yourself be Found
Recorded Sep 21, 1998
A clip from Snow Mountain Retreat, September 1998
The Call Home
Recorded Oct 2, 2016
How is it possible to come home to yourself right now? This month Gangaji’s invitation to you is to recognize where home truly is, in the last place you thought to look. Join Gangaji for a live online meeting. Learn More
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