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  • Monthly Webcast/Teleconference

    Each month there is a live webcast led by Gangaji.

    Watch the meeting on your computer, tablet or mobile

    phone. For those who don’t want to watch online, join the

    meeting by phone.



    If you missed the meeting, you can watch the entire

    recording on the member's page.



  • Speak to Gangaji

    Using the technology of Maestro

    teleconferencing you can speak

    directly with Gangaji to ask your 

    question or share your report.


    Then, at the end of the meeting,

    you will have the opportunity to be

    placed in a small group to

    reflect on your own experiences

    with others in the group.

  • With Gangaji Forum

    The program doesn’t end at the end
    of each meeting. Every day, our
    online discussion forum connects
    you with Gangaji and the global
    community. Gangaji visits the forum
    daily to read your reports and
    comments. The With Gangaji forum
    is held in the same sacred space as
    every meeting we hold in person or
    online to ensure your experience is
    respectful and loving.

  • Exclusive Audio/Video Materials

    To continue our conversation
    through the month, selected
    audio and video materials are
    provided between webcasts.



  • Read what members say...

    “Last night I listened to a recorded call and was deeply touched by the depth of support, the outbursts of joy, the overflowing gratitude and the tenderness that was shared. This is such a precious sacred opportunity and I feel truly privileged to be here. This is powerful, potent and Truly supportive”

    “This is a program for anyone who is truly ready to face themselves and their lives with ruthless, loving honesty. Gangaji has created an interface that is so friendly. You don’t have to leave your own home. You can check in and connect with others. And you’ll have the benefit of a diverse gathering from all over the planet coming together in support of the same journey.”

    “The last two calls on With Gangaji have been profoundly transformative in my life and living, and I am so deeply moved by all of the sharing on the forum.”

    “…a beautiful testimony of the love that unites us all, crosses all boundaries and knows no boundaries. Connecting with others who are as serious about vigilance and courageous enough to dive deeply into the pool of maya, is refreshing, pure, nourishing. This is what Gangaji’s sangha has to offer. If you are willing, right now, to be free, all the way.”


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What the program includes


Connect with Gangaji and a global community every month for a 90-minute live webcast. Upcoming topics.

Ask Gangaji your question by phone during the webcast. 

Access The Gangaji Forum where members gather from all around the world each day to share their insights and reports with each other.  


Standard Membership Fee $28/month

Special Membership Fee $23/month when you are a member for over 10 consecutive months or subscribe to Gangaji's Streaming Video Library, The Oasis. Learn more


Our Next Meeting: Sunday, March 11, 11:00 AM  PST


What is Gangaji's live webcast like? Watch a video

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"With you all,

I can know so much

more, dive much

more deeply into the

mystery of existence.

We are Here together."




Upcoming Meetings

  • March 11, 11:00 AM
  • April 15, 11:00 AM
  • May 13, 11:00 AM
  • June 17
  • July 22, 11:00 AM
  • August 12, 11:00 AM

  • *all times are PT


Next Topic -  Victim No Longer


“No matter what the world is reflecting, whether circumstances are beautiful or terrifying, if your internal story is one of victimhood, you will suffer. It is very simple.”

Recognizing when we are repeatedly telling our victim stories is the first step to ending suffering and realizing true freedom. This month Gangaji’s supports us in being radically honest with ourselves. Which of ours and others’ emotions victimize us? How we can stop being victimized by those emotions? In the wake of that recognition, we can consciously choose freedom over suffering.

Read descriptions of Upcoming Topics