What are you willing to include?
The clips and articles on this page are all centered around the theme of inclusion, wholeness, fragmentation, and oneness. They are the inspiration of Steve Miller who has been collecting this material and sharing his finding with us. To read more about Steve click here.

The Vastness of Inclusion

Our human brains are wired to exclude. That is a great power in many contexts, but the vastness of inclusion is overlooked. It is in the absolute inclusion of everything, that the unspeakable revelation of truth is recognized as who one is.

No part of you is ever excluded from wholeness—not your personality, not your emotions, not your history, and not your life circumstances.

The Reality of Wholeness

Gangaji speaks of the wholeness that includes all time and space. She refers to the work of quantum physicist David Bohm, and celebrates where science and spirituality meet, in recognizing the incomprehensible totality of being. Our minds are conditioned to fragment reality so that we can survive, but totality includes it all.

Infinite nature includes bliss but also includes everything else.