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Recorded Sep 27, 2014
Who Are You Without Your Issues?
9.27.2014 PM

Portland, OR Weekend Session 2

Gangaji leads an investigation of the driving mechanism that socializes us to survive in the world by internalizing “the voice” that repeatedly measures and judges our successes and failures:  “We are so deeply identified with the issue voice that we take it into everything, our relationships and especially our spiritual inquiry.  . . . We go to classes or we go to spiritual meetings so that we can get help with our issues, so that we could meet our issues, so that we could get through our issues. It’s all non-existent.” 

Gangaji emphasizes that she is not suggesting we deny “the stuff” that comes up: “Yes, stuff comes up - in your cells, in your psyche, in your memory grooves – but what’s that got to do with you? You let it come up without following it, or loving it, or fighting it. It comes up and it’s liberated because you are the spaciousness.”  She challenges us to engage in real inquiry by asking the right questions:  “Not how do I get rid of it, [but rather] where is it when I stop trying to get rid of it?  Where is it when I stop replaying it?  Where is it when I stop fighting it? Where is it when I laugh?”   By giving up our identification with the issues that come up, we can shift our allegiance to spaciousness, to mystery, to life and we can recognize who we truly are.

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