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Recorded Sep 17, 2015
What You Want Is What Wants You
September 17, 2015

Boulder, CO

“I’m really not here to teach you a way of getting what you want, or a way of fixing what you think you have, or a way of someday reaching the point where you have what you want. I’m really here simply to assist you in stopping the activity to get or fix or even have a future. And return your attention to the root of the beautiful statement: ‘what do you really want.’”

In this meeting’s powerful introductory monologue Gangaji turns our attention to the essential questions—What do you want? And what do you do to get what you want? She reminds us that in following this line of questioning truthfully, there is a possibility to discover the source of desire itself. Papaji’s radical invitation then follows—Are you willing to stop looking anywhere for what you want? She reminds us of her simple and extraordinary experience, that if you stop looking for it you can directly discover that what you want is here. The Truth of yourself is here.

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