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Recorded Nov 16, 2014
What Really Matters in Your Life?
Santa Monica, CA

November 16, 2014 PM

Join Gangaji as she invites us to investigate what truly matters in our lives, in our relationships and in our attachments; to what do we give our allegiance.  Gangaji affirms that simply having the impulse to ask this question is a gift and a blessing offered by the mystery that creates, animates and reabsorbs our form.  Gangaji reassures us that, in the asking, we have the full support of all awakened being that have offered their lives for our enrichment and nurturance.

“So finally, it’s your choice: What do you say yes to and to what do you say enough? No one can make that choice for you. That it arises is Grace.  You can’t force it. You can’t command it. You can’t direct it but you can surrender to it. It’s lived your life. You can be welcomed home. That’s where we meet. Truly, that’s where we meet.”

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