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Recorded Jan 20, 2019
What Is in the Way of Your Fulfillment?
January 20, 2019 PM, San Francisco, CA

This is Gangaji’s central inquiry during this special weekend hosted by the California Institute of Integral Studies. In this video Gangaji guides each participant into a direct examination of the seeming blockages to fulfillment. Whether anger, fear, self-judgment, or any conditioned belief about reality, here is an opportunity to experientially discover that true fulfillment, true peace, is always here for you without condition.

“Simply in a few seconds of looking to where you are unaccustomed to looking, in suspending your agendas, your judgments, your ideas of why and what and the rightness or wrongness of it, you can discover for yourself the truth of lasting fulfillment, in sickness and in health, in peace and in war.”

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