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Recorded Mar 24, 2019
What Is Awakening?
March 24, 2019

Marin, California

For the answer to this question, Gangaji suggests we begin at the end—the radical invitation to discover what is and has always been here: Consciousness. Awareness. True Self. She advises that we not call it anything, but rather to let it call us by our true name. What name is it calling you by?

“When you wake up to yourself, it’s not by the accumulation of lots of good habits, or that all the sudden the slate is wiped clean and you are fresh like a baby and happy all the time. What you wake up to is what has always been here, which is already clean, which is already you. A radiance that is unaffected by good or bad habits, and undiminished by any dysfunction of body or mind or emotion or behaviors of any kind.”

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