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Recorded May 21, 2018
What Inquiry Is Not
Fallen Leaf Lake, CA
May 21, 2018 AM

In this video Gangaji clearly lays out how our thoughts are based in a dualistic reality, while true inquiry is not. She reminds us that self-inquiry is not about fixing ourselves. It is not about personal processing. It involves no thought. It is about “discovering what it is you don’t know, even if you don’t know that you don’t know it.”

“When you recognize that you’re not going to get anything from inquiry, that’s when you are very close. Before that moment you think that ‘doing’ inquiry will give you enlightenment, or if you ‘do it' again, you will get what you got the last time. Fix what needs fixing,” she says, “but question what is deeper than that. What do you want?”

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