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Recorded Nov 18, 2000
What Cannot Be Lost
November 18, 2000, Maui, Hawaii

In this video Gangaji addresses what she defines as the root and cause of human suffering: the attempt to keep what will be lost. Whether we clutch to our personal accomplishments, our security, our health, or ultimately our survival, all of our grappling for power and control boils down to a fear of loss. When you look at your own life, can you see that this is true? Here Gangaji points to the immediate recognition of what can irrevocably never be lost.

“It has been a great rarity in the past when someone steps forth and speaks the radical truth of what is eternal, what is always here, what can never be lost. If in this moment you are willing to lose everything, really lose everything, you will understand the great scriptures and sutras as the overflowing of your own experience. I promise you have the capacity to realize this because you are this.”


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