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Recorded Jan 20, 2019
What Are You Telling Yourself?
San Francisco, CA

January 20, 2019 AM

In this video Gangaji illustrates how true and lasting fulfillment goes hand in hand with natural and effortless vigilance. Any perceived obstruction to true freedom can easily be unmasked by seeing the stories we tell ourselves about how our humanity separates us from the divine truth of who we are.

“It really boils down to what you are telling yourself about who you are. Have you given yourself permission to be a limited human being? Have you given yourself permission to stumble and fall? Then the stumbles and the imperfection are divinely humbling, and you find that you can simply tell the truth about what you naturally can and cannot do. Finally, our failures are just another doorway to surrender, and to the discovery of a beingness that is not only conscious of itself but overflowing in the joy of being.”

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