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Recorded Dec 13, 2005
Waking from the Dream of Self-Hatred
December 13, 2005 AM
Byron Bay, Australia

This video speaks directly to the rawness of self-hatred, an experience that most humans have to some degree arising from the conditioned belief that we are separate from God, from truth, from love. Are you at war with your own self-hatred? Because as Gangaji points out, “What we then do is project that war onto whoever mirrors our self-hatred most closely.” She promises that in the core of self-hatred is found the secret of self-love.

“When self-hatred rears its toad-like head, it feels like, looks like, seems like very bad news. Yet when self-hatred is truly met and embraced, it reveals itself as an all-inclusive endlessness. It becomes the kiss that awakens you from the dream of mis-identification.”

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