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Recorded Nov 9, 2014
Vigilance: The Willingness to Be Humbled
November 9, 2014 AM

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Look in the mirror. . . . There is a light in there that never left you; that wants you back. . . .  I mean maybe first we have to see it outside ourselves because we’re so removed. So we see it in nature or a baby or a guru or whatever we see it in.  Then it has to come home. It has to because that’s where the desire originates. That’s where the hunger comes from.”

Join Gangaji as she facilitates our discovery that humbling is essential for the thinking mind and the willingness to be humbled is, itself, vigilance; and that in a moment of vigilance we can say “No . . .  Finished” to the gods and demons of our past, and thus set them free as well.

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