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Recorded Aug 4, 2018
To React Is Human
Ashland, OR
August 4, 2018
Do you sometimes find yourself in emotional reaction to the pain and suffering in the world? In this video Gangaji addresses the pseudo-spiritual viewpoint that if you are truly awake, open, and free, then you won’t react to events. Rather than aspiring to some imagined state where you will have finally arrived at non-reactivity, instead Gangaji affirms the love that is at the root of reaction.
“My invitation is always to take a moment and inquire into the truth. Then any pain you’re experiencing, any emotion, becomes the perfect ground for true inquiry. In your willingness to feel any emotion fully, without the story of how it relates to you personally, there is a possibility to discover that it’s all rooted in love. When you are willing to freshly discover that love, then you are no longer contributing to the misery.”

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