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Recorded Jul 15, 2018
The Garden of Death
From Harriet: "An unspeakably beautiful expression of fearlessly meeting death in full surrender. We mourn the passing of her body and celebrate the love that remains."

We lost a dear, dear friend of the Gangaji Foundation a in 2018. Denise L'Heureux was a part of Gangaji's Bay Area community for over 20 years. She will be remembered by anyone who met her as keenly intelligent, uproariously funny and, in her readiness to face her death, extraordinarily brave. As volunteers to the Gangaji Foundation for many years, Denise and her beloved wife Deborah have been a huge support. We are grateful beyond words for your service, your courage, your laughter, your love, your humility, and your precious, precious life. You will be greatly missed. In Denise's last conversation with Gangaji she spoke about death as the incomprehensible blessing of life, and her journey as a walk in the "garden of death."


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