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Recorded Oct 1, 2015
Surrender to Discovery
October 1, 2015

Royal Way Retreat Session 2 -  

Lucerne, CA

In this meeting Gangaji points to how we often equate the word “surrender” with our ideas of defeat, of loss, or of not taking appropriate action. Instead, she invites us to drop all our concepts of surrender and discover its true meaning. Surrender, she tells us, is the willingness to open our minds and not know. To simply take a break, and to remain present.

“The way you can discover that it’s really time to surrender, to open, to not know, is when you notice you’re going around the same track over and over—the same words, the same way they’re put together, the stimulation of the same emotions. And the way to recognize this is to be willing to overhear yourself, to take responsibility for what you are saying to yourself.”

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