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Recorded Nov 6, 2014
Stop Chasing the Wheel of Feelings

Encinitas, California

"Most people spend their lives caught in that wheel spinning: chasing the  good feelings, running from the bad feelings; fighting the bad feelings, trying to get back to some good feelings; and then saying, ‘It’s keeping me from my Self ... this radiant beingness.’ Yes, that’s here right now. But it’s also here in the worst moments. And until we are willing to discover it in the worst moments, rather than wanting the good moments to come back to take the place of the worst moments, we can actually discover that in the bottom of the worst moments is that radiant beingness. It’s only then that we are free of this conditioning, this brain washing, this propaganda of feelings.”

Join the Sangha as Gangaji challenges us to be willing to give up what we have learned, to leave behind the activities of mind, so that we can open to the recognition of what has always been here, calling us home to the Truth of who we are: radiant, silent awareness.

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