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Recorded Oct 1, 2016
Are You Still Searching for More?
When you have had a glimpse of the unimaginable truth of your being, there is a freshness and innocence that naturally occurs, a wonder and a curiosity of “What is this?” But when you recognize you are looking for more, or you notice with great disappointment that your suffering has returned and you try to get get away from it, then there is a loss of innocence and openness.

The drive for more is part of the human condition. The possibility of inquiry is to stop in the midst of this thrust to get more, whether is it more peace, more knowledge, more experience, or more alleviation from suffering, and ask yourself, “Has stillness gone anywhere? What is always here regardless of what comes or goes?”

When this impulse is fully met, then innocence is no longer naive. It is mature, multi-leveled, and rich, but still pure and still a surprise.

Can you recognize where you are looking for more? What are the mechanisms that drive the impulse to seek for more or different or better?

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