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Recorded Jun 23, 1997
Returning to the Garden
June 23, 1997
Boulder, CO

In this gem from the archives, Gangaji points us directly to the root of malevolence and wrong-doing (our deep-seated belief in separation), and the secret of the "return." Also explored is our cultural obsession with the processing of psychological wounds, and the limitation of that in realizing true and lasting freedom.

"In the myth of the Garden of Eden, there is a partaking of knowledge, a partaking of the power of the mind. The result of that power is the felt need to scramble and search to return home again."

“This video has always moved me deeply, particularly because of one clear and poignant letter Gangaji reads and responds to that speaks on the topics of malevolence, redemption, and radical inclusion. No separation!”–Shanti Einolander


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