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Recorded Feb 3, 2001
Recognizing the Subtleties of Ego
“This is an invitation to stop. To not create who you are. To simply be yourself with no idea or memory of who or what that is. Just to be. Then to see, how vast this just is."

Our lived experience in a human body gives rise to a wide range of phenomena that include thoughts, feelings, and images of ourselves. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, or memories are not a problem unless that is how we define or identify who we are. In this potent inquiry, Gangaji points to the complex subtleties of ego that perpetuate human suffering. She invites us to stop overlooking the source of all phenomena to discover our true face and “the absolute simplicity of peace.”


Gangaji’s online program, With Gangaji, serves a global community dedicated to living from the ground of love, not fear. Our commitment is to support each other in an ever-deepening realization of what is already whole and complete.

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