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Recorded Mar 19, 2015
Consciously Open to the Fully Broken Heart
March 19, 2015

Ashland, OR

“There are some horrible things happening everyday all over the world, in every neighborhood, in every house. Whether it’s happening to the body or … in the mind … there’s suffering somewhere. And each of us has this profound opportunity to just stand up, open, lose the narrative, to recognize what is always stopped, what is always in equilibrium and peace.”

In this meeting,  Gangaji encourages us to  dive deeply into the depths of our being so as to  discover – beyond the boundaries of prior knowledge or the constraints of desired outcomes – what is immutable and spacious, ineffable and free.  She invites us to stop, turn and face our challenges, not in some abstract sense but directly, freshly, free of victimization, idealization and objectification.

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