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Recorded Nov 23, 1996
Mountain Range of Illusion
Tyalgum Tops, Australia, November 23, 1996 AM

How is it possible you can experience what the great mystics have described throughout time? Does it really take decades of spiritual practice for grace to descend and open your mind? In this video Gangaji shares a delightful fable that points to the imminent possibility of your direct realization, here and now, exactly as you are.

“Stop. Be still. See what is already here. Hear what is already seen. However large and treacherous the Mountain Range of Illusion may appear, it remains only the Mountain Range of Illusion. However murky and disgusting the Lake of Misidentity appears, it is only the Lake of Misidentity. The opening, this cave of your heart, is waiting for you. The invitation has been given. You are welcome in.” 

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