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Recorded Aug 18, 1993
Give Up the Story of Me
Boulder, CO
August 18, 1993

From Shanti: “I find this video quintessential Gangaji, representing so clearly through each interaction the core teaching of Ramana.”

We are deeply conditioned to believe that our thoughts and bodily sensations define the reality of who we are. In this classic video from the archives Gangaji assists each participant in the deconstruction of what holds these mistaken identities in place. What follows is the natural revelation of a peace that is present now, unmoving and untouched by any story of “me.”

“In the instant of recognizing the story as a fabrication, where is its existence, ever? The story may reappear, but it can never again reappear as master. It’s been discovered to be nothing but a fabrication … the emperor’s new clothes.”

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