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Recorded Nov 9, 2014
Give the Silence a Chance
November 9, 2014 PM

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“What if you just stop? What if this whole life is not oriented around how you feel? What if that’s irrelevant just for a moment of inquiry, if the feelings aren’t the god of this life-stream?  In our subculture, feelings have taken the place of religion and we just want to get better feelings like we want better religion. . . . But feelings come and go; so they are inherently not trustworthy – not as a god, not as reality. You check it out for yourself.”

In this profound meeting, Gangaji challenges us to investigate what remains when we suspend the narratives of our thinking minds.  She supports us further in recognizing that there are times when our self-limiting, internal conversations are merely playback loops of extraneous old history, which perpetuate unnecessary suffering without relevance to our current depth of opening.

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