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Recorded Nov 17, 2006
The Fulfillment of No Escape
November 17, 2006

Melbourne, Australia 

Gangaji invites us to examine the possibility of true fulfillment. She points to the tendency to regard our human limitations as proof that fulfillment must be someplace else and in a future time. She promises that when suffering is experienced for what it is, fulfillment has a chance to reveal itself. In any moment you can stop and honestly ask yourself, "Where am I looking for fulfillment? What am I trying to escape?"

As Gangaji shares, “We hope that if we just learn the right thing, we can graduate out of ourselves. Or if we could just acquire the right experience, we would be free of ourselves. It’s a false hope. The fulfillment that I’m speaking of is already here in your life. It is who you are.”

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