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Recorded Apr 24, 2019
Freshly in Truth
April 24, 2019

Ashland, OR

In this meeting Gangaji challenges you to meet freshly in the truth of who you are, even if you’ve heard the invitation many times before. This challenge gives rise to many beautiful interactions that demonstrate how the truth of who we are is never separate from the issues of our daily lives. This video covers many of those challenges, including, sexual betrayal, mental confusion, feeling lost, challenges in our relationships, and more.

“How do we speak what cannot be spoken? How do we freshly not know what it is we clearly and truly knew? The mind is an extraordinary power that we all possess, but it is not an absolute power. It is limited to time and conditions. Even true revelations of truth are subject to past, present, and future. In this recognition, let us meet freshly in what is true now, in this moment.”

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