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Recorded Apr 11, 2015
The Freedom Beyond Feeling Good
April 11, 2015

Corte Madera, CA

“If you take a moment in a state of agitation, or negativity, or crankiness, you can recognize that who you are is already free of your moods and your states.  It’s wonderful to be in a better mood … but if that starts being the goal, to even the most subtle degree of overlooking the radiant wholeness – even when it’s not so radiant; not only in just going to the grocery store but being cut-off on the way to the grocery store, or just some hormonal or biological mood change in you - recognize that there’s room for all of that.  Then there is freedom.”

Join Gangaji as she challenges us to recognize that the line which separates the Holy from the mundane is an illusion.  While our basic humanity naturally idealizes one state over the other, the mystery of this Life is already whole and completely free of our emotions, our expectations, our definitions and our evaluations.

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