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Recorded Aug 17, 2018
Free of Distraction
San Rafael, CA
August 17, 2018 AM

If you were given the opportunity to lay down the distraction of electronic devices, so that you might receive the deepest support of silence, what would you choose? What might that choice mean to your daily life? In this meeting from the 2018 Santa Sabina retreat, Gangaji invites you to put aside all distractions, even for a moment, and drink from the stillness that is the core of your being. Whether it’s a cell phone, a tablet, a computer, or the many mental strategies we employ to avoid what is here, there’s a way we can trivialize our whole lives until all too soon the opportunity of our human consciousness to awaken to itself is gone.

“We have so many ways of avoiding the support that is really and truly here for us. Papaji would call it being washed downstream. I am asking you to stand up in the midst of this stream that takes you toward death, to be willing not to follow your impulses and instead to discover what is the source of that impulsive fire. What is this life, really? Who are you?”

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